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The large size of modern TVs allows you to use them for an interesting pastime and as a full-fledged element of the interior. For it to look harmonious in the room’s space, it is necessary to choose a suitable stand for it. In such cases, a hanging TV stand would be a good option. We will talk about its features and benefits.

Pros and Features of a Hanging TV Stand

Hanging TV standToday, pendant TV stands are often installed in apartments. This design brings airiness to the space, making it visually larger. The curbstone is attached directly to the wall, leaving free space under it.

In most cases, the lightest materials are used in the manufacture of hanging stands, but in general, any can be used. Compactness and laconic design are combined with functionality thanks to compartments for storing various items and shelves for equipment.

The presence of a hanging TV stand has a lot of advantages:

  • This piece of furniture looks excellent in a duo with a modern flat-screen TV, giving a fashionable accent to the space;
  • dust does not accumulate under the curbstone, which greatly simplifies cleaning;
  • space is used with maximum efficiency;
  • acts both as a hanging TV stand and as a storage system.

The TV does not need to be on top of the hanging stand. It is preferable to hang the flat screen above the structure using special brackets. The only drawback of this option is that the wires are visible. But everything is compensated by the stylish appearance of the resulting tandem.

If desired, craftsmen can decorate the cable with any elements, which will additionally decorate the interior. But in most cases, hidden wiring is carried out, or the cable is covered with hinged cabinets and shelves.

The frame of the hanging TV stand consists of the following parts:

  1. upper horizon;
  2. two panels located on the side;
  3. the wall behind;
  4. bottoms.

Criteria for Choosing a Hanging TV Stand

It is not easy to install wall-mounted TV stands – increased requirements are imposed on this process. It is necessary not only to choose a load-bearing wall but also to consider the peculiarities of the TV. Here is a list of the prerequisites:

  1. There should be no windows on the wall where the TV is located and opposite. This is because direct or gliding rays of the sun can spoil the viewing process – overexposed spots will appear on the screen, the color rendition will be distorted. This applies to all TVs, except for the latest technology – OLED screens. But they should also be concave. If you can’t get away from the windows, then it is better to purchase blackout curtains.
  2. When a TV with support is supposed to be placed on a curbstone, it is necessary to measure the hanging height correctly – the center of the screen must be at least 1.2 m above the floor level. The TV is applied to the wall. Not only is the center determined but also the place where the persistent leg ends. Thus, it becomes clear to what height the cabinet should be suspended.

Do not forget to consider the distance and viewing angle of your TV.